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Anobel New Environmental Protection Materials (Italy) Co.,Ltd.

  • Anobel is a large Italian paint group. In 2020, it is Introduced into the Chinese market. We are committed to bringing Chinese wall decoration materials to a new height and leading the vigorous development of domestic art coatings. We take the brand as the soul, take innovation as the driving force, long-term deep plough in the field of high-end environmental protection wall materials. The beauty of modern art and the concept of healthy home will be transmitted to thousands of families.
  • Italian imported art coatings are widely promoted in China and European classical crafts are inherited. Constantly innovate the gorgeous and colorful products. We meet the persistent pursuit of wall decoration by people of different tastes with original import, manual customization, health and environmental protection, diverse styles and durable products.
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  • anobelitaly (+39) 423 915041                           anobelitaly Info@Anobel.com.cn
  • anobelitaly 5th Floor of Yongyi Building, 100 Hulanxi Road, Baoshan District, Italy

COVEMA Information

1、Products have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions
2、More than 50 R & D personnel
3、Nearly 800 distributors in Italy
4<000 square meters central warehouse
5、Covering an area of 34500 square meters
6、World's Top Computer Automated Warehousing and Logistics.


Anobel is more than just a product. We maintain close contact with designers, architects and technicians all over the world, lead the new trend of decoration, develop new product effects, and meet the lasting requirements of decorative taste. Each of our products has inherited high quality raw materials, integrating the beauty of art with the concept of a healthy home.

Industry Advantage

  • Home decoration boom, tuyere industry, big business opportunities. Coatings have been developing rapidly in China in the past five years. Art coatings, as a high-end subdivision of the paint industry, is the key development direction of consumer upgrading.

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Brand Advantage

  • European famous brand, with high added value.

Product Advantage

  • Italian original import, safety and environmental protection, EU quality standards.

Promotion Advantage

  • Has the leading product research and development ability.

Training Advantages

  • Professional training program, one-stop counseling for new shopkeepers, easy to start.

Design Advantages

  • Professional design team to create a leading fashion design style.

Marketing Advantage

  • Professional marketing team, to train strong sales personnel for stores, improve performance.

Service Advantage

  • Professional and efficient, excellence, customer first.